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Mommy help son

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Mommy help son
the performance, and as most children on a field trip, the time on the bus was a highlight of their day. .

Having known most of these kids since Kindergarten, I was happy to talk to them during the bus ride. .

These kids were so smart and so well-spoken that I actually looked forward to spending time with them.

But the turn our conversation took really concerned. .

As we sat in a tremendous amount of pre-Super Bowl New York City traffic, the kids chattered on about their school work, their upcoming New York State standardized tests, middle school options and even where they wanted to go to high school and college.

These kids were nine nine!

Years old, and they were (very seriously) discussing specialized programs at the high school and college level.

I know I should be impressed (and relieved) that the students were taking their education so seriously, but I had to take a deep breath before asking them why they were focusing on such important decisions this early in their academic career.

They answered me one by one, explaining that the grades they earn now, including their upcoming State tests, would eventually impact their ability to get into a specialized middle school, high school, and college of their choice.

They were very knowledgeable and passionate about their goals, but underneath, I could sense they were a little worried and overwhelmed. .

How could they not be?

I was panicked just listening to them, and I was thirty years older!

My son was actively involved in the conversation, and I was surprised to hear him speak to his peers in a way that he does not speak at home: he was passionate and sure, ready to take on these challenges.

 Conversely, at home, my son spoke about how stressed he was with his work load, complained that he was worried about achieving the necessary scores on the standardized tests, and sometimes shared that he just wanted to have some time to relax. .

Many nights, he had trouble sleeping, and would wake in the middle of the night worried about some project or test. .

I could see that he was weighed down, and it worried.

I often wondered if we were putting too much pressure on him I was so sensitive to that myself given my own competitive nature growing up but I came to realize that a lot of his pressure was induced.

And he was right about (at least) one thing: he had absolutely no time to relax. .

After listening to his friends on that school bus, I knew I had to intervene to make him understand that he had to put it all in perspective, and that he had plenty of time to achieve his.

So, I wrote him this little note, and left it on his pillow: Remember how special you are because of who you are, not because of your grades in school or your accomplishments in your after-school activities.

Have confidence that you will achieve your goals because they are the goals that you are truly passionate about, not the ones that other people tell you should have.

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