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This is the third season with a dinosaur motif, following.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and, power Rangers Dino Thunder.

65 million years ago, the alien Keeper arrived on Earth while being pursued by ruthless bounty hunter Sledge and his evil forces, who hoped to steal the powerful Energems from him.

Keeper was able to give the gems to ten dinosaurs for safe keeping, but they were soon lost when asteroids hit the Earth and wiped out the dinos.

Now in the present day, five young adults are discovering the lost Energems - and at the same time, Sledge and his forces have returned to continue their hunt.

Fortunately, local museum curator.

Kendall Morgan has partnered with Keeper in order to harness the Energems' power for the earth protection, turning those chosen by the Energems into the Power Rangers Dino Charge.

This is the second subseries, after.

Power Rangers RPM, to be established by later crossovers as having taken place in a parallel dimension to the main.

Power Rangers universe (not the same dimension as RPM).

Distantly related to, power Rangers Dino Force Brave, another foreign spin-off of, kyoryuger.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Common, power Rangers tropes: Animal-Themed Superbeing : Dinosaur-themed, in this case.

Chest Insignia : Unique this year in that the insignia is formed by a shoulderpad and "sash" pattern across the chest that together resemble a dinosaur head.

There are also team logos on the belt and personal ones at the top of the "sash" near the arm.

City of Adventure : Amber Beach, though the Rangers travel to Auckland following a sighting of one of Sledge's ships at the beginning of "World Famous!

In New Zealand" and return home on the Plesiozord at the end of the following episode, "Deep Down Under".

Color-Coded Characters : As usual, the Rangers all dress almost exclusively in their signature color.

For a bit.

Foreshadowing, future Rangers can be seen with items of their upcoming Ranger color as well.

Comm Links : For the first time since.

Turbo, the Rangers' morphers do not have communication devices built into them, with Dino Coms being separate pieces of equipment te  while the.

Space Rangers continued to use the old wrist communicators from the mmpr days, the Astro Morphers were also capable of communication.

Evolving Credits : Has the usual additions of new zords, power-ups and rangers, but also when Dino Super Charge started, they actually changed the typeface of the credits, after having used the same one since Samurai.

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All models were 18 years of age or older at the time of depiction.

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