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Mom and son having sex

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Mom and son having sex
and understandable to the general public by addressing important personal and social issues.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't prepared for watching his son's sex scene in his new movie "Daniel Isn't Real.

in fact, Patrick Schwarzenegger 's mother and Arnold's ex-wife, Maria Shriver, called the former California governor to warn him about.

The "Terminator" star told.

Fox LA that Shriver warned him, "All of a sudden, there's his Patrick's naked butt!".

Arnold admitted that when he watched his son's risque scene on the big screen it was "wild.

It's an experience and a half.".

Patrick schwarzenegger WAS 'scared' OF HIS DAD arnold.

Freeze IN 'batman robin' "His acting was so extraordinary, he's so talented the proud papa gushed. .

"He's working his way up and he's getting the starring roles.".

Arnold Schwarzenegger, left, and son Patrick.

But Arnold is most proud of the way his son's co-stars speak about him.

"They tell me, 'Arnold, you have the nicest son.

He's so well prepared he said.

The action movie star also spoke highly about his other children during the interview.

Daughter Katherine is an author, while Christina is a producer of "Take Your Pills" on Netflix.

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