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Blue film malayalam

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Blue film malayalam
Krishna for their studio.

1, tovino Thomas plays the leading role of a police officer.

Shivajith Padmanabhan, Samyuktha Menon and, vini Vishwa Lal play the negative roles.

Contents, prologue edit, in the prologue session of the film, we can see a scene from K's past which is not shown in the film.

In a gang territory, one member reports something to the other goons and they are shown running outside to confront someone.

Then K comes in the picture who was standing turned away from them.

A goon is also shown lying on the ground after being beaten severely in the hands.

Here K is completely different from as shown in the film.

He is having a long beard and some different clothes.

Blood is pouring from his face which indicates that a huge fight had taken place.

Seeing the lying goon, the whole gang started running towards K to attack him.

When they reach near, K suddenly turns around and uses his iron box to hit a goon in the head.

Then the scene suddenly ends abruptly.

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