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the best and fullest account we have of Pyrrhonian skepticism.

(Book I of that work consists of Sextus codification of the nature of Pyrrhonian skepticism, which he contrasts with the outlooks of other schools of philosophy.) Fittingly, we know little or nothing about the life of Sextus Empiricus, including when and where he lived.

Best estimates put him anywhere between 100 CE and the first half of the third century CE (House 1980 but it has been suggested that he was already well known by the end of the second century (Barnes 2000: xii).

Sextus is called Empiricus because he belonged to the Empirical School of Medicine (Deichgrber 1965: 401).

There were three main schools of medicine, the Rationalists, the Empiricists, and the Methodists.

Confusingly, even though Sextus was an Empiricist, he actually states.

Outlines of Pyrrhonism, i 236 that while Pyrrhonism is very similar to the Empirical School of Medicine, Pyrrhonists might rather adopt Methodism.

This is a standing puzzle for interpreters of Sextus (see section.7 below).

2.1 Surviving Works, the surviving works are grouped under two headings.

Outlines of Pyrrhonism pyrrhoniae Hypotyposes ) (This is usually referred to by the abbreviation.

PH.) Works of Classical literature were normally divided into books (Platos.

Republic is in ten books, Aristotles, physics is in eight, etc.

PH is in three books.

They are not given separate titles by scholars, and are just referred.

PH, i, II, and III.

PH, i is a complete description of Pyrrhonian Skepticism, stating what it is that makes one qualify as a Pyrrhonian skeptic (the possession of a certain skill) and what the pay-off for being a Skeptic is (tranquillity detailing the various.

PH, iI and III, Sextus lays out the positions of Dogmatic philosophers on issues of logic pH, iI and physics and ethics pH, iII complete with Skeptical counterarguments to those positions: essentially, we see Sextus.

PH, iI and III exercising the Skeptical skill which he had described.

(With Sextus description of Pyrrhonian Skepticism, compare that in DL (Diogenes Lartius) IX 61116; for discussion of the differences, see the papers in Vogt 2015.).1.2, against the Mathematicians adversus Mathematicos ) (This is usually referred to by the abbreviation.

M.) The work is in eleven books, referred.

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