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( s ).

IPA ( key /s noun edit se ( plural ses ) ( music ) A type of ancient, chinese plucked zither.

Translations edit See se/translations  Noun.

Anagrams edit 'e's, -es, E's, ES, Es, Es, Es, e's, es Abinomn edit Noun edit se cloud Afrikaans edit Alternative forms edit s'n (used without a following noun) syn (obsolete) Etymology edit From Dutch zijn, z'n (his, its).

An Afrikaans innovation is the use of se regardless of the number or gender of the possessor, which may be due to a merger with the Dutch genitive suffix -s.

Pronunciation edit Particle edit se follows a noun to indicate that this noun possesses that which follows, much like English 's Dis my ouma se huis.

This is my grandmother s house.

See also edit Albanian edit Etymology edit From Proto-Albanian *te(i), *ti from Proto-Indo-European *kwe-, *kw(e)i- (how, what).

Interrogative and relative pronoun, especially in connection with a preposition.

Pronunciation edit Conjunction edit se that, as, when M duket se ke nevoj pr disa shok t rinj.

It seems to me that you need some new friends.

Im vlla m tha se don t bisedoj me ty rreth librit.

My brother told me that he wants to talk to you about the new book.

Related terms edit Etymology edit From Proto-Mongolic *usun.

Pronunciation edit Noun edit se water References edit jiyediin Chuluu (Chaolu Wu) (November 1994), Introduction, Grammar, and Sample Sentences for Baoan, in (Please provide the title of the work) 1, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA Henry.

Schwarz, The Minorities of Northern China: A Survey (1984 page 140: 'water' Daur os Pronoun edit se that, this Petra eo se?

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