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new mate some step-kid's do and some step-kid's don't.

Bottom line is that this woman wants to be with the guy so much that she is willing to step-up to the situation.

A group of young-adult's are having a discussion about their parent's and one says " You guy's who's folk's are still together are fuckin' step-mom.

Byatch, always acting like my mom and shit." Someone else says, " My step-mom is awesome, she don't make me do nuthin' and I ain't neva' seen my dad happier." by jpg3, may 30, 2011, the most frustrating person you'll ever meet.

She can be lit sometimes but 5 seconds later she'll be screaming at you from some dumb shit.

You may even be chilling on the couch and she'll degrade your existence.

She can't keep her mouth shut for a minute and just says whatever the fuck she wants.

You're dad won't do shit because he doesn't want taste her wrath for good reason.

You: (just on your phone in your room).

Step mom ( little devil ) : (bangs door like SHE wants TO kill IT OR something).

You: What the fuck, stepmom : OH MY GOD YOU'RE SO lazy!

YOU DON'T DO shit!

I AM holding UP this house AND YOU'RE ON your LIL phone texting ALL your friends!

HOW THE fuck ARE YOU going TO live BY yourself?!

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