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before she made her industry debut.

In fact, Scarlit Scandal used to follow several adult models on Twitter and she explained in her October 2019 AVN: Fresh Faces interview that; I started finding models on Twitter.

So the director would retweet their shit and I was like, So this is where this work is coming from.

And thats what really opened me up to all the directors, the camera guys, the models, everythingwas Twitter.

That was like my plug for Twitter.

Intrigued by these performers and the adult industry in general, Scarlit Scandal emailed adult talent agency Motley Models and asked about how to pursue a career in porn.

Within two days, Scarlit Scandal was contacted by Motley Models owner Dave Rock who offered to fly Scarlit out to Los Angeles, California, the next day in order to shoot her porn debut.

Although Scarlit did not fly out the next day, she did ultimately fly out to Los Angeles a month later whereupon she began spending time with other Motley Models performers who all lived together in the same house.

Talking about this pivotal period of her life during her October 2019 AVN: Fresh Faces interview, Scarlit Scandal recounted how; I went to the Motley Twitter page because I was lurking on this girls page.

And I was like, hmm, I wonder if this process is hard?

Because Ive always wondered how people actually get into porn.

Ive always searched on Google, how to get into porn, and nothing comes upHe Motley Models owner Dave Rock called me and he was like, We can fly you out tomorrowWe want you.

I was like, I cant fly out tomorrow.

This is a lot.

I didnt even think you guys were going to email me back.

He was like, Why?

You have an amazing look.

You shouldve been doing this All this great stuff and Im just like shocked.


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